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The Planning & Highways Committee meets every four weeks to consider planning applications.

All councillors sit on the Planning & Highways Committee; Haslemere Town Council's role is to inspect the planning applications made to Waverley Borough Council, the statutory planning authority, and to recommend approval or objection.  Haslemere Town Council itself is not the statutory planning authority, but our recommendations are given consideration by the planning officer at Waverley Borough Council.

Members of the public are entitled to speak at both Waverley Borough and Haslemere Town Council Planning & Highways meetings.  They may speak in support of an application or in opposition to an application, but in both cases are limited to four minutes.

Haslemere Town Council has published Guidelines for Public Speaking at Meetings which outlines the correct procedure.

The Planning & Highways Committee is comprised of the following councillors:

  • Councillor Sahran Abeysundara
  • Councillor Jean Arrick
  • Councillor Nikki Barton
  • Councillor Penny Bradley
  • Councillor Malcolm Carter
  • Councillor Simon Dear
  • Councillor Jim Edwards
  • Councillor Alex Ford
  • Councillor Brigitte Hewett
  • Councillor Melanie Odell
  • Councillor Liindz Peel
  • Councillor Libby Piper
  • Councillor David Round

To view the Planning & Highways Committee's Terms of Reference click here.

Please contact the Deputy Town Clerk if you would like to make a representation or have any other queries relating to the Planning & Highways Committee.

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