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Haslemere Vision (HV) has been established with the active support and encouragement of Haslemere Town Council (HTC). It is intended to be an on-going, non-political, community-led forum that will work in partnership with the Council, to enable the communities of Haslemere and the surrounding villages to pool ideas and resources to create a vision and a plan of how they wish the town and the villages to develop in the future. It will undertake and deliver projects that preserve and enhance the wellbeing of the town, the villages and their institutions and businesses for the benefit of all who live, work and play here.

HV has been established as a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. Membership is open to any individual, any body corporate, any unincorporated organisation and any parish, district or county council that has an interest in the issues and concerns of Haslemere and the Villages and is prepared to sign up to the aims of HV.

HTC and HV will work together to implement the provisions of the Localism Act 2012 (“the Act”) and HTC will delegate to HV the tasks of consulting with the community to create a shared vision and then preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan as defined in the Act.

HTC will submit the completed plan to Waverley Borough Council for review and, once the Plan is found to be satisfactory, HV and HTC will collaborate to encourage voting in the subsequent referendum and campaign in support of the Plan.

Thereafter, HV and HTC will:

1. Work together to review and update the Plan, as necessary, taking account of and incorporating arising community concerns and relevant future legislation.

2. Work with the community to identify and deliver projects to preserve and enhance the wellbeing of the town and the villages, exercising the rights conferred in the Act or any subsequent legislation.

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Haslemere Vision has received funding from the Community Development Foundation, Haslemere Town Council and the Haslemere Challice Community Fund and receives advisory support from Locality.

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